Beauty that comes from nature

We create effective formulas and take inspiration from nature to make you feel unique and authentic, enhancing the beauty of your hair.

Carefully selected formulas

"MorrisHair" manufacturing process is implemented in one of the most advanced and innovative factories in Italy. And the products and formulas are carefully selected and analyzed by cosmetic professionals in Sweden.

This helps to create a maximally effective product with a clean composition, without genetically modified additives or synthetic coloring.

Design for healthy hair

All "MorrisHair" products are designed for daily use and are enriched with plant and fruit extracts from mango, pomegranate, argan and aloe.

The formulas are also supplemented with hyaluronic acid and keratin, which help nourish and restore different types of hair.

"MorrisHair" haircare is created to make you feel unique and authentic, by empowering the beauty of your hair.

Recyclable packaging - less damage to the environment

We love and seek inspiration from nature. Which is why we strive to make our products not only efficient, but also sustainable. We use recycled or recyclable plastic to create clean design packages. We do not paint them. In total, about 70% of the packaging is recyclable.

We know what we are doing

- We're inspired by each individual's story, experience, and differences.

- We believe that our hair needs to be treated as well as our body.

- We're embracing self-love and positivity.

- Haircare with a touch of nature.

That is why we are committed to creating a sustainable and safe hair care line.